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Part of Season Six at the Coal Mine

Date Posted: April 8, 2019

Deadline for Submission: April 15, 2019
Auditions: TBD
Call Backs: call backs will be schedule if needed
Rehearsals Start: Tuesday March 17, 2020
Previews: Sunday April 5, 2020
Official Opening: Wednesday April 8, 2020
Closing: Sunday April 26, 2020 *possible one week extension through May 3, 2020
Official Opening: Wednesday April 8, 2020
Contract type / house category / rates: Indie 2.2

Play Description


The play examines two pairs of relationships between disabled and able persons: one between a graduate student with cerebral palsy and his female caregiver and the other between a quadriplegic woman and her ex-husband.Eddie is an unemployed truck driver whose ex-wife Ani became a quadriplegic following a tragic accident; while John has cerebral palsy and has hired Jess as his caregiver. Submission instructions Please send a headshot and resume to Please contact Ashley and Ted at the above email with any questions.


Female, 35-50, any race. A quadriplegic in a wheelchair, suffering from severe incomplete spinal cord injury. We are only seeking actors who are similarly abled. Ani is a woman whose world has not extended very far beyond North Jersey and you just try say something to her and watch what happens. She has her own ways and she is fine with those ways and those that don't agree don't need to stick around - as many haven't. She can seem brusque or intense to some people. A cat that resists being pet. Until it wants to be.


Male, 25-35, caucasian. John has cerebral palsy. We are only seeking actors who have cerebral palsy themselves. He is beautiful. A kind of halted way of speaking, otherwise he is determinedly polished. Comes from wealth and wears it, undeniably. A PHD student.

Organization Description

Coal Mine Theatre

Coal Mine Theatre is an independent theatre company in Toronto’s east end. Founded by Co-Chief Engineers Diana Bentley and Ted Dykstra, The Coal Mine is closing its fifth season. As the last four seasons demonstrated, we are determined to present superbly written, richly thoughtful, and fearlessly challenging plays produced, directed and acted at the highest possible level. With only 80 seats a night, The Coal Mine is inspired by the intimacy and excitement of the Off-Off-Broadway experience.


Please direct any questions about the above job posting to

Diana Bentley, Co-Chief Engineer and Ted Dysktra, Co-Chief Engineer

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you!