THE nether 

by jennifer haley

location | 1454 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M4J 1N4




Preview Sunday, October 7 at 7:30pm
Preview Tuesday, October 9 at 7:30pm
Preview Wednesday, October 10 at 7:30pm
Opening Night Thursday, October 11 at 7:30pm
Closing Day Sunday, November 4 at 2pm

Tuesday to Saturday 7:30pm (Mondays Dark)
Matinees are Sunday at 2pm. 
No intermission. No latecomers. 
Previews $25 (plus HST)
Regular price $42.50 (plus HST) 
Rush tickets $25 (cash only, at the door, 30 minutes before performance starts, subject to availability. No phone reservations).

Directed by  Peter Pasyk
Starring  Hannah Levinson, Mark McGrinder, Katherine CullenRobert Persichini and David Storch
Coal Mine Theatre engages under the terms of the INDIE 2.2, professional Artists who are members of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.

Costume design by Michelle Bohn
Set and Lighting design by Patrick Lavender
Sound Design and Music by Richard Feren
Production Manager Charissa Wilcox 
Projection designer Nick Bottomley

Season Five launches with the Toronto Premiere of THE NETHER, written by Susan Smith Blackburn Prize-Winner Jennifer Haley, directed by Coal Mine alumni Peter Pasyk (Killer Joe, Poison) and co-produced with Studio 180 Theatre. The play received its world premiered in Los Angeles in 2013, followed by productions in London in 2014 and in New York in 2015.

'The Nether' is a virtual world. Just log in, choose an identity and indulge your every whim - and darkest desires. But when a young detective uncovers a disturbing brand of entertainment, she triggers a dark battle over technology and human desire. THE NETHER is both serpentine crime drama and haunting sci-fi thriller that explores the consequences of living out our private dreams. A daring, shocking look at what is real. And what is legal. Directed by Coal Mine regular Peter Pasyk. (Poison, Killer Joe).

The out-of-this-world cast of THE NETHER includes Hannah Levinson, Mark McGrinder, Katherine Cullen, Robert Persichini and David Storch.

As a parable for where we’re headed on that big old highway in the digital sky, The Nether exerts a viselike grip…
— The New York Times
The ominous atmosphere is created by suggestion rather than in-yer-face horrors … haunting and highly original modern fairy-tale.
— Telegraph, UK
Big-budget theater rarely has this kind of hip factor and hardly ever addresses issues in cutting-edge technology with as much sophistication as we see here.
— LA Weekly


While nothing graphic whatsoever happens onstage, THE NETHER has violent and sexually suggestive content, including rape, murder, suicide and pedophelia, that may be deeply disturbing to some. Please be advised.


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